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January 18, 2018
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February 12, 2018

Adelaide Strikers 2020 Big Bash Cricket @ Adelaide Oval

When you visit Adelaide Oval for the first time, the atmosphere is electric! When it was announced that Football was going to move from "Footy Park" to Adelaide Oval, I was not one of these people to think "why move it", "it needs a roof", "it could be money spent on xyz".... I was excited, and a massive advocate for it. I copped a lot from friends, Colleagues about how Adelaide Oval is the home of cricket and don't mix the two or "where will I have my bbq?"

Well didn't 2014 close a few of these mouths? It was amazing! Being a member of "footy park" at West Lakes I was excited to first receive my Adelaide Oval Football membership and later that year my SACA membership and boy I have not looked back.

My love for sports came at a young age growing up in a Spanish household watching sport is in our DNA. Unfortunately, I was born with no form of coordination in my body. I was that guy at school with Garcia as the last name and people assumed quickly I was the next Soccer/Football superstar. Juggling the ball and shooting goals from all angles, Nope I'm that guy that could fix your computer problems or build that "geocities" homepage.

BUT This did not spot me from following my home teams *Cough Power*, going to Adelaide Crows supporting them to sometimes and of cause Big Bash, International 2020, 1 dayers and Test Match Cricket. Adelaide Oval is now the home to it all! We were the first day/night International one day, First Day/Night Test Match....

When people ask what they should do over a weekend, go see a Power game at Adelaide Oval is always the first thing... Never seen it? Check it out on YouTube: Never Tear Us Apart 2014

Want to remember the best 2mins at the old Footy Park at West Lakes then Watch This

All of this & we didn't get a roof... AKA Stephen Rowe..

But enough about the Football that is coming in a couple months...

Adelaide Strikers Vs Hobart Hurricanes

42c, Cricket & Corporate "style" Box. Thank you to Audi Club (i have an A1 don't get to excited no R8 YET!), It was a great night! It started with Strikers creating a record-breaking partnership and Alex Carey scoring a TON (100 runs). Like all great games, there was highs and lows, including a lot of drop catches from both sides. But in the end, the Strikers where victorious. All 20 overs from both sides...

I'm no sports journalist i just wanted to brag about how great Adelaide Oval is.... Get to a game in 2018, take the family to 2020 and get their early to experience the kids zone....

As you can see I am no sports journalist so if you actually want to know how the game went? Read more on Strikers Home Page: Click To Read